Moaning Mona, Suffering Sarah, and Depressed Dorothy

I love thinking about what makes people tick…. what makes them think the way they do…. why they persist in certain behaviors….

This week, I have been thinking a lot about how people deal with pressure in their lives, as I have spent much of it being unloaded upon by others.  This can be seen through the article that I have written on “Venting” as a suggested way of relieving the pressure in our lives without submitting everyone around you to your abject misery.

I have to preface these observations with the fact that ALL OF US HAVE PRESSURE IN OUR LIVES.

No one is immune from them.  It is not the intensity of the pressures, but how we deal with them that differentiates us.

Perhaps this is a bit judgmental, but here is an honest description of the women that have been impacting on my personal life this week.

Moaning Mona

“Oh, dear Moaning Mona.  I know it is a tragedy to you that you couldn’t find a matching pair of knickers this morning, and you need to tell everyone how horrible your life is, but I am struggling with my own issues (unbeknown to you).  Please understand that your life is no more difficult than mine, just because you whinge and moan all day long.  All you end up giving me is a headache.”

Suffering Sarah

“My dear Suffering Sarah.  I do admire the way that you at least keep a smile on your face as you tell me how well you are holding up through all of your life tribulations.  You are at least more tolerable than Moaning Mona, because it is easier to listen to your whinging because you have a smile on your face and I can at least say something encouraging and get away from you.”

Depressed Dorothy

“You are such a hard person to help, Depressed Dorothy, because your face shows me just how much you are suffering, but you are holding it all inside and can’t be reached.  You think that you are the only person in the world going through difficulties and you have isolated yourself from mankind.  You make me feel impotent and incapable.”


I do love you all.  You all add such beauty and color to my life.  However, sometimes I am struggling through my own personal issues, I get tired, and I just want to relax with good company…..

And when I feel completely emotionally drained, along comes ….

Joyful Johanne

“Oh, my friend, I am such a better person in your company.  Your smile shows to me that you understand the joys and sufferings that we each experience.  Perhaps you may share something with me that you are facing in your life, but it is not done in a way to transfer your pain across to me.  You are simply sharing your humanity with me, which makes me feel content and happy to share my humanity with you.    Your joyous nature allows me to truly know you, and your life touches me in much deeper ways than Mona, Sarah, and Dorothy ever could.”

I am thankful for all the Joyful Johanne’s out there….

Did you see yourself in there?

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